Wednesday, July 30, 2014

We missed July 24th, National Cousins Day!  


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I'm considering changing my Verizon plan to a simple cell phone plan, without a smart phone and data plan. Just phone and text. It's less expensive, less WiFi, and less being tied to my phone.  This will also delay my FB swansong. 

First Post!

Hello beautiful cousins,

I'm glad you started this, Gwen. I'm so ready to get to work on my thesis that I just downloaded and printed something like 400 pages of common core goodness to go through. I'm insane. I know.

I keep looking around my neighborhood and think I see one of you, and it makes me sad when it isn't really you. It's weird being back home. Totally different vibe and I feel exposed and vulnerable. You all know I don't like feeling that way.

Also, I just found out one of my students is pregnant. She's 16....timing?